Monday, June 23, 2014


   Where I live liquor and beer is very expensive. If you are like me you look for cheaper, yet drinkable options. I find that overproof liquor is the best " bang for the buck ". Most everyone knows of Bacardi 151. It tastes bad and it burns like hell - literally! A much better option is Lambs Navy 151 rum. Lambs 151 smells strong of molassas and caramel, but it is a strong and inviting aroma. This rum is quite sweet too. But it is alot smoother than Bacardi 151. You'll still have to mix it, but a little goes a long way. Pineapple juice is a great mixer for Lambs 151. Cola works well too, though it makes quite a sweet drink. A bottle of Lambs Navy 151 rum and a few bottles of juice or cola will mix alot of tasty drinks.

   If you want a cheap beer that is drinkable, we have to look at " budget beers ". Moosehead Dry Ice beer is 6% and it is very smooth. It looks good in a glass, smells okay and is drinkable. Any of the Busch beers are affordable too. There is Busch Light, regular Busch, and a stronger Busch Ice beer. Busch beers don't have alot of flavour, so you can't say that they taste bad. They are all very smooth and refreshing. If you want a stronger beer, there is Faxe 10 Strong Beer. This stuff is 10% and tastes very strong. It comes in a 16. oz can and its cheap. Faxe 10 is only a step up from a 40 of malt liquor, so I'd avoid it.

   If you want a cheap and drinkable wine, go for " jug wine ". Carlo Rossi makes cheap wines in big jugs. They make several varities and this wine is not bad. If you have not tried Carlo Rossi wines, you should. Its cheap but its good to have with friends and pizza.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


   Red Tassel vodka is a 40% abv canadian vodka. It is a value priced vodka that is packaged in a plastic bottle.

   The vodka is clear and clean, though it does have an aftertaste of ethonol when drank as a shot at room temperature. It doesn't have much aroma, a little sweet ethonal. When mixed and ice is added, it becomes much more enjoyable. This is not a good vodka to drink on its own. It needs ice and a mixer.

   Red Tassel vodka is a cheap vodka. I've had worse vodka but I wouldn't rate this very high. Its passable with a mixer and ice. It doesn't compare to good vodka, but it is drinkable as a mixing vodka.