Wednesday, July 23, 2014


   Beefeater London Dry Gin is a 40% abv clear gin that is sold everywhere. I bought my pint bottle in Nova Scotia, Canada. This gin is basicly lemon infused vodka. The aroma and taste is lemon forward with a slight coriander back. The shot is rough, like cheap vodka. The taste is quite light and not bitter at all. This is not a very dry gin. Beefeater gin is a good starter gin but I personally like Gordon's. This is a lightly flavoured gin that can be mixed and will not offend anyone. I think its overpriced, but it sells very well. Its just so very lightly flavoured that it tastes like lemon infused cheap vodka. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


   Red Tassel vodka is a 40% abv canadian vodka. It is a value priced vodka that is packaged in a plastic bottle.

   The vodka is clear and clean, though it does have an aftertaste of ethonol when drank as a shot at room temperature. It doesn't have much aroma, a little sweet ethonal. When mixed and ice is added, it becomes much more enjoyable. This is not a good vodka to drink on its own. It needs ice and a mixer.

   Red Tassel vodka is a cheap vodka. I've had worse vodka but I wouldn't rate this very high. Its passable with a mixer and ice. It doesn't compare to good vodka, but it is drinkable as a mixing vodka.